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If you would like to browse all dogs with a certain kennel name, type just the kennel name without any "s" or apostrophe "s" at the end. Some kennels have two word names that in some cases may have been condensed to get a name shortened. In those cases you may need to search both. For example – search "Little Bear" and "Littlebear."

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If your search does not show the dog you are looking for, search for a smaller fragment of the dog's registered name, leaving out all apostrophes, hyphens or other punctuation marks.

Dogs are entered according to their AKC registered names. If the kennel name, for example, is spelled differently on the AKC registration, it will appear that way in the search results. For example – Newton-Ark, Newtonark and Newton Ark. A good search to show all of these dogs would be to type "Newton" in the search field.

Database contents

The NCA database contains over 30,000 Newfoundland dogs born from 1900 to the present that have either earned NCA, AKC titles OR had genetic health testing results listed in a publicly accessible database.

Finding a breeder

The NCA database contains many years worth of data. Not all breeders included in the database have active breeding programs. Contact information for individual breeders is not provided via this database. In an effort to help people interested in purchasing a Newfoundland dog, the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc., maintains a list of breeders who have met certain qualifications. If you are looking for a particular breeder, you can use the search function at the bottom of the breeders list page to determine if a breeder is currently listed. The NCA Breeders list is an annual listing.

Directory of Prefixes and Suffixes

Directory of Prefixes

Abbreviation Title Organization
Ch American Champion AKC
Can Ch Canadian Champion CKC
MACH Master Agility Champion AKC
OTCH Obedience Trial Champion AKC
UN Utility Newfoundland (Canadian version of VN) CKC
VN Versatile Newfoundland NCA
WA Working Achievement Award NCA

Directory of Suffixes

Abbreviation Title Organization
DD Draft Dog NCA
TDD Team Draft Dog NCA
WD Water Dog (Junior) NCA
WRD Water Rescue Dog (Senior) NCA
WRDX Water Rescue Dog Excellent NCA
TOD Tested - open database listed NCA
TODD Tested – open database & DNA banked NCA
Can DD Canadian Draft Dog CKC
Can DDX Canadian Draft Dog Excellent CKC
Can TDD Canadian Team Draft Dog CKC
Can WRD Canadian Water Rescue Dog (Junior) CKC
Can WRDX Canadian Water Rescue Dog Excellent (Senior) CKC
ROM Register of Merit NCA

Looking for a full listing of prefixes and suffixes?

Visit the American Kennel Club Title Directory for a full list available from the AKC.


Sample of Health Abbreviations Commonly Used

Abbreviation Description
HE OFA Excellent Hips
HG OFA Good Hips
HF OFA Fair Hips
HN Hips normal (older certs did not include rating)
PH Penn Hip evaluation
HOVC OVC hips Clear
HELOVC OVC Hips & ELbows Clear
CA OFA Heart cleared by cardiologist
CAE OFA Heart cleared - echodoppler
Hr Heart cleared by cardiologist (NCA listing only not OFA)
HrS Heart cleared by specialist
HrP OFA Heart cleared by practitioner
EL OFA elbows clear
PA OFA Patellas clear
SH OFA Shoulders clear
TH OFA Thyroid clear
C CERF clear for eyes (current year only)
CYN Cystinuria normal
CYC Cystinuria carrier
CYA Cystinuria affected
D DNA donated for canine research

Color Abbreviations

Abbreviation Color
B Black
B/W black with white markings
B/Br black with brown markings
B/Gr black with grey markings
B/T black with tan markings
W white
W/B white with black markings
W/Br white with brown markings
W/Gr white with grey markings
W/T white with tan markings
Gr grey
Gr/B grey with black markings
Gr/W grey with white markings
Gr/Br grey with brown markings
Br brown
Br/B brown with black markings
Br/W brown with white markings
Br/Gr brown with grey markings
T tan
Be beige
Bu buff
Bl blond
Cr cream
H honey
R roan
Y yellow
D (Dilute) pale shade
Bl blue